Top Italian fertility doctor Severino Antinori arrested

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Severino Antinori in 2000
Image captionDr Antinori has complained about curbs on his research
Well-known Italian fertility doctor Severino Antinori has been arrested after a woman said he had forcibly removed eggs from her at his clinic.
Dr Antinori has been placed under house arrested and banned for a year as police investigate the allegations.
The complaint, rejected by the doctor's lawyers, was made by a 24-year-old Spanish woman.
Dr Antinori shot to fame in the 1990s when he helped a woman give birth at 63, a first at the time.
The 70-year-old was arrested at Rome's Fiumicino airport and is now under house arrest in the Italian capital.
According to Italian investigators, the Spanish woman, who was temporarily working at Dr Antinori's Matris clinic in Milan, had her mobile phone taken and was forcibly immobilised and anaesthetised before her eggs were harvested.
She reportedly managed to use an office phone to alert police who came to rescue her.
The Italian gynaecologist became famous worldwide in 1994 when he gave fertility treatment to Rossana Della Corte, an Italian who at the time became the oldest woman to give birth.
He also helped Patricia Rashbrook, who became the UK's oldest mother in 2006.
In 2003, the controversial doctor said Italian authorities were persecuting him over his human cloning projects.
This followed his announcement that one of his patients would give birth to a cloned baby.


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