Friday, 22 April 2016

Kuwait - Brothel busted; Tunisian woman sexually assaulted

Brothel busted; Tunisian woman sexually assaulted

KUWAIT: Farwaniya policemen discovered a brothel by accident when they noticed three women leaving some rooms almost nude. The women were arrested along with five men who were inside. A security source said a police patrol asked an Asian expat to stop, but he ran away on foot, so he was followed, and they saw him enter an Arab style house, where they were surprised by three half-naked women trying to escape.
Sexual assault
Hawally prosecutor sent a Tunisian woman to the medical examiner to make sure about her claims that she was raped violently for a whole day. She said that she met a man who was very nice to her and told her he will marry her. He asked her to come with him and visit his family in Maidan Hawally. She said she went with full confidence as the man was well-behaved. But when she entered the apartment where his family was supposed to be, she was surprised the apartment was empty. He detained her there and raped her several times. – Al-Rai

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