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Nigerian prophet tells who will be the next Kenyan president

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Famous Nigerian prophet predicts Kenya’s next president in front of Kalonzo
– Famous Nigerian prophet Johnson Suleman predicted the next president in front of CORD co-principal and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka on Tuesday, April 19 at KICC during an inter-denomination meeting
– He said that the next president is the one who is in power now but added that he sees many things changing
– He told Kalonzo that he is in bad company, and that is why he is being betrayed. It is at this point then that other worshippers started to shout that he was the former vice president
Famous Nigerian prophet Johnson Suleman predicted the next president in front of CORD co-principal and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka on Tuesday, April 19 at Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC).
On this day, Suleman, the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries was having a conference dubbed Total Liberation and Kalonzo was one of the worshippers.
The former vice president was seated in the front seat and during ministration time, the prophet, who was prophesying randomly to people, told Kalonzo of how he has been betrayed.
He apparently didn’t even know who Kalonzo was, and even that he was a prominent politician who had been the country’s former vice president.
The prophet’s church in Abuja, Nigeria was brought down in 2015 by the administration of the former president Goodluck Jonathan, when he told Goodluck that he would lose the looming election because of the people whom he was surrounding himself with at the time.
He has also been arrested by some leaders for telling them what will befall them.
Back to KICC, he first told Kalonzo how he has a good heart but he has been betrayed on various occasions by the people he’s been working with.
Prophet Suleman then told him how his wife is unhappy about the said circumstances, and promised to pray for his wife.
When the apostle told Kalonzo that he is in bad company and that is why he is being betrayed, other worshippers started to shout that he was the former vice president, revealing to the preacher that he was prophesying to a top politician in the country.
Kalonzo was on his knees when all this was going on.
He then asked if the General Election was next year, and after receiving the response, he said he knows the president.
The next president is the one who is the president now. But I see many things changing,” said the prophet.
He then advised Kalonzo to see him after the service. Immediately the service ended, Kalonzo followed the prophet.
The Wiper leader was in the company of former MP Andrew Ligale at the function.
Andrew Ligale was also the chairman of the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission of Kenya that was set up by an Act of Parliament on May 12, 2009.
According to media reports in Nigeria, before Prophet Suleman was born, some prophets came from Warri city in Nigeria to Benin (the place of his birth) and told his parents “a prophet who would minister in God’s presence has been born”.
His parents apparently refused to listen further, because they were Muslims and did not see him leaving their fold.
According to him, he is the president of a ministry that has presence in over 42 nations of the world, with over 7 million direct followers.

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