Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Woman narrates how her husband slept with countless women including her own mother Gossip Blogger 2 hours ago 7264
– An angry woman has narrated her plight in the hands of an adulterous husband who has bedded countless women including the woman’s mother! 
Hail the tales told to a collective of more than 70,000 women on popular Facebook group- Kilimani mums uncensored. The tales oscillate from the weird, the gory to the most absurd and downright ridiculous stories ever told to mankind.
An irate woman in a screenshot that has been making rounds online has narrated her ordeal after marrying an adulterous man.  She came from work to find her former friend, a mother of three in bed with her husband.
The adulterous man, we are told, was committing the treacherous  sin on the woman’s matrimonial bed right next to where the couples four-month-old baby was taking a nap.
The angry woman reveals that throughout their marriage, she had never at any one time cheated on her husband and was appalled to find him in bed in the arms of her neighbor. Attempts to reach a consensus and have her man turn around hit a snag with the man growing violent upon confrontation.
The woman narrates that the last straw in the unfaithful relationship was broken when her husband slept with with her biological mother- his mother-in-law.
The woman following the events in her marriage packed a few belongings and walked out of her marriage with her kids in tow. A handful of women participants on the group who know her husband supported her decision and vilified the adulterous man.
In 2015, a woman punished her cheating husband by torching his car. The woman had trailed her husband to the house of his secret lover and torched the car as soon as the man left.  The man awoke to screams from neighbors who watched the Toyota Crown burn to the ground.

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