Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Woman found mysteriously murdered in her Buruburu home

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– A woman was found murdered in her house in Buruburu Phase III, Nairobi County, by strangers who are suspected to have broken into the house
– The woman’s eldest son was kidnapped from the same house five years ago and was later found brutally murdered
A family residing in Nairobi’s Buruburu estate has been left puzzled after their mother was cruelly murdered on Saturday April 23 in the same house where her son was kidnapped from five years ago, and later found murdered.
The woman, identified as retired teacher Marciana Ochieng, had been left alone in the house within Ngomeni Court in Buruburu Phase III, when her assailants struck.
According to Nairobi News, her son George Owino told police that he left the house in the morning for work, only to come back at 2.30pm and find his mother tied up and some household items missing.
The son explained that upon finding that both of his mother’s legs were tied up and a piece of cloth was stuffed in her mouth, he called his sister and they rushed her to the nearby Metropolitan Hospital.
She was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.
A report of the postmortem exam done on Monday April 25 indicated that the retired teacher died of suffocation.
“The attackers stuffed some material on her nose and mouth, leading to the suffocation. Other samples were also collected for further analysis after preliminary investigations pointed to a sexual attack before the murder,” the Chief government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor said.
The incident has left many questions unanswered, especially after the similar disturbing case of Ochieng’s son five years ago in the same house.
Police reported that the estate’s watchman who had been interrogated when the woman’s eldest son was kidnapped said the strangers drove in asking for the retired teacher.
The kidnappers apparently waited for about 30 minutes before making away with some household items including TV sets and laptops.
The abducted man was later found brutally murdered.
According to the report, police said that they launched investigations and even grilled the watchman, but he gave no vital information.
No arrests were made.

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