Friday, 1 April 2016

Kuwait - Crimes of the week

Stepfather beats daughter over late night phone calls

KUWAIT: A female minor went to the Fintas police station to file a complaint against her stepfather for beating her and taking her mobile away. When he was questioned by the police regarding his actions, the stepfather complained that the young woman was ‘naive’, spending late nights on her mobile and that he took the phone away to protect her from harm.
Swindler accused
A citizen in her 40s accused a Saudi national of swindling her out of KD 5,000 when he convinced her to buy a car, according to a complaint she lodged at Ali Sabah Al-Salem police. A security source said the citizen was told by the Saudi that he wanted to sell his brother’s car and she transferred the money to him, and asked him for the title. But after receiving the money, he ignored her calls and did not transfer the title. Detectives are investigating,
Mandoob robbed
A Egyptian mandoob had KD 950 stolen from him. A man followed him after he left a domestic help office in Hawally, then attacked him, beat him with a stick, robbed him of the money then fled. The Egyptian was helped by others who took him to Meidan Hawally police station where he lodged a complaint.
Brothers arrested for drugs
Two brothers (citizens) exchanged accusations of having drugs, and each claimed it belongs to the other, so both were sent to Drugs Control General Department. The two were stopped by police in Salmiya area were searched, and five joints were found with them. The source said the two disputed the ownership of the drugs as each claimed to be innocent, so both were sent to DCGD.
Swindler arrested
Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives arrested a Jordanian who swindled a citizen out of KD 4,500. Detectives were able to lure the Jordanian by making him think he was going for another deal, and detectives were waiting for him. A security source said a citizen told Mubarak Al-Kabeer police that he agreed with the Jordanian to import raw cleaning material, for repacking, so he gave him KD 4,500 but the Jordanian disappeared.
Smuggler detained
Airport customs officers foiled the attempt of a citizen in her 30s, to smuggle 11 bags of marijuana and hashish in her luggage upon her arrival from Amsterdam. A security source said the citizen seemed to be confused from the minute she entered the custom hall, so she was searched. The citizen was sent to Drugs Control General Department.

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