Dubai : - Man seeks Dh5m compensation after one testicle was removed

Filed on May 2, 2016 | Last updated on May 2, 2016 at 06.32 am

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His testicle was removed after a doctor cut the artery by mistake, stopping the blood flow.

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The Sharjah Court of First Instance has ordered Dh500,000 in compensation for a patient whose testicles were removed by a doctor.
The patient, a Jordanian national, has appealed the verdict and instead asked for Dh5 million compensation.
The patient, who suffered from an inguinal hernia, was first tested negative in a Dubai hospital. But in July 2012, he was admitted to a Sharjah hospital where a doctor cut an artery in his left testicle without the patient's knowledge or consent.
After the patient was discharged from the hospital, he started feeling severe pain that left him unable to work or sleep. When he returned to the hospital, doctors discovered that there was damage to his left testicle, and a lack of blood flow to the area. A number of further medical tests indicated a complete lack of blood flow and severe ischaemia, forcing doctors at a private hospital to remove the testicle.
After the surgery, the physical pain began to subside, only to be replaced with psychological issues which followed the removal of the testicle, as well as the large financial loss due to the high cost of the treatment.
The patient filed a complaint with the Court of First Instance in Sharjah, which referred the matter to the medical committee. The committee decided that the operation - which led to testicular atrophy and a cut artery - was conducted without prior approval from the patient and led to 50 per cent permanent disability. The court ruled to compensate the patient because of the hospital's medical error, but the patient has appealed, mentioning the psychological and physical impact of the surgery, which made it impossible to enjoy sex.


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