Dubai -Woman steals Dh47,100 while man had sex with her friend

Marie Nammour/Dubai
Filed on May 1, 2016

(For illustrative purpose)

Two women charged with working in prostitution and stealing, while man booked for having consensual sex out of the wedlock

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A prostitute, who allegedly stole Dh47,100 from a man while he had sex with her friend, confessed to theft and prostitution charges in court on Sunday.
Court documents showed that the 26-year-old Ugandan woman took advantage that the Pakistani man was busy having sex with her compatriot, also 26, to steal the money from his shirt.
The 28-year-old Pakistani man, a vendor, was not present in the hearing.
He was charged in the Court of First Instance with having consensual sex out of the wedlock.
The two women were charged with working in prostitution and stealing.
The Pakistani man said that he was on the way to a money exchange office in Naif to transfer his boss' money on March 8.
"I parked my car and was walking to the office when I spotted a woman on the street. She winked at me."
He said that he knew she was a prostitute and agreed to have sex.
"She charged me Dh30 and then settled for Dh20."
Upon her request, he went to her flat which was in the same building where she was waiting.
"I paid her Dh15 and left. But on the street I checked my pocket and did not find the boss' money."
Thinking that he dropped the money when he took off his clothes, he went back to that flat and saw the door open.
"None was there. I looked for the money in vain."
He realised he was robbed of the cash by the other woman who was there.
He complained at Naif Police Station.
All the three admitted to the charges in the investigation.
A verdict is expected on May 11.


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