Wednesday, 24 March 2010

UN Monitoring Group for Somalia deploys baseless allegations backed by discredited sources

Nearly a century past, the sovereign people of the Somali republic have been victimized by foreign suspects, charlatans and intermediaries who are short of the competence to provide an ethical and realistic perspective of our conflict----imitating to have an insight of the complex and rampant inter and intra clan competition that haunts the region. Thus they add fuel and wood into an already volatile situation. It began during the arrival of the colonial powers when indolent and ill referenced reporting methods became the policy norm of the Somali region. Considering this background, the monitoring group's latest report is only a continuation of a long practice that not only misguided policy objectives of economic development---spearheaded by those with good intentions---but has also humiliated the Somali national character and fed the world with one side of an information cocoon of a hopeless situation in Somalia. The report could be described in its least form and shape as a concerted, biased piece of propaganda that not only fails to qualify as an objective analysis of the Somali state and its current affairs but also spells a disastrous implication for any potential, comprehensive peace.Read the whole artical

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