Sunday, 11 April 2010

No to the tripartite plot: Islamist Government soon to come (Part II)

Editor’s note: Following is part two of Mr. Buh’s provocative piece which suggests that there is a new marriage forming between the Wahabi TFG group and some of the most notorious warlords the nation has known. His unorthodox solution-to petition General Mohamed Ali Samatar to lead a renewed effort to reconstruct Somalia-is all the more original.

The Central Region: The Ahlu Sunna divided along clan lines

Somalia Emblem  Somalia's Islamist Groups

Ahlu Sunna Galguduud Wing (Ayr clan)

The pact between Ahlu Sunna and the TFG which was quickly endorsed by the African Union, the Arab League, UN Special Envoy and the Organization of the Islamic Conference was in tatters before it was officially signed. Faction led by the group’s foreign relations office, Sheikh Bashir Abdi Olaad, along with 26 members including Sheikh Abdiqadir Abdirahman (Abu Zakaria) condemned the agreement. This faction made its press statement in Abudwaq town, Galgudud region, in which they labelled the deal as a plot to disintegrate the group. They are of the opinion that the TFG power sharing agreement is an Ethiopian scheme to further its own interest  as there is no incentive for Ahlu sunna (galguduud wing) to sign an agreement with a partner, TFG, they consider as a weak link that share Wahabi creed with Al Shabab and Hizbi – Islam.  Read the whole artical

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