Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Man stuck on border as Qatar seizes his passport

Staff Report/Dubai
Filed on June 20, 2017
A road sign is seen near Abu Samra border crossing to Saudi Arabia, Qatar.

The man has been stuck between the Saudi and Qatari border for a couple of days.

A Qatari national has been stuck between the Saudi and Qatari border for a couple of days after his passport was seized by his country's security forces as he tried to enter his land.
Zayed Benshafa Al Ghofrani, a Qatari citizen, crossed the Saudi border to comply with the order to leave Saudi Arabia before the expiry of the deadline.
According to Saudi Al Weeam Arabic daily, when Zayed left the Saudi's Salwa border checkpoint and headed to Bu Samra on Qatar side, he was denied entry as his passport had expired. The Qatari officers ordered him to go back.
Zayed was left with no option and he could neither return to Saudi Arabia nor enter his country.
Later when Zayed sought the help of a Qatari security patrol they seized his passport and harassed him. Zayed was ordered to step back to Saudi Arabia.
The man has been stuck between the Saudi and Qatari border for a couple of days.
The Qatari citizen has sought the help by sharing his story on the social media.
This is the fourth such case of Qatari nationals who have gone through traumatic experience to return home before the expiry of the 14 days Saudi deadline.

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