Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Osman Elmi Boqore on the detained MPs -Jigjiga Ethiopian colony)

Mareeg.com-2010-02-23-Osman Elmi Boqore,  the deputy speaker of the transitional parliamentarians of Somalia has Tuesday called for the Ethiopian and Somali governments talk releasing detained Somalia MPs in Ethiopia.  
Mr. Boqore said in an interview witsomali radio that both governments Somali and Ethiopian were required to discuss more on releasing the Somali lawmakers and officer who were jailed in Jig-Jiga town in the Somali region under the Ethiopian colony.
The official said that he and the speaker of the transitional parliamentarians were talking about the reason that brought the arrest of the Somali government officials in Ethiopia adding that the lawmakers would hold a meeting to discuss the release of those MPs.
 “We heard that the two MPs, Hussein Muhummed Mohamud (Gagale), Abdullahi Mohamed (Farey) and government police officer Ahmed Ugas were jailed in Jig-jiga town in Ethiopia. They are all from Hiran region in central Somalia.
  He said that they did not know why they went to Ethiopia pointing out that all the Somali lawmakers could not return to the country due to lack of economic and his statement comes as Ethiopia had not yet commented on the arrest against the Somalis MPs.

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