Yemen - Salafi-Houthi clashes in Yemen kill 14

Listen to this article. Powered by Clashes between Salafists and Houthis in the north of Yemen have reportedly left at least 14 fighters dead and many others wounded from both sides.

The Yemen Post reported the fighting broke out in Dammaj, a suburb of the Shia stronghold city of Sa'ada.

The Shia Houthis have long been at odds with the Yemeni government, blaming the Sunni-dominated government for discrimination against the country's Shia minority.

Houthi fighters, who have fought the Yemeni regime for their rights, have been frequently pounded by Yemeni fighter jets and helicopter gunships.

Shia fighters say Saudi Arabia gives military equipment and weapons to the Salafi forces in northern Yemen to fight the Houthis.


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