Al-Shabaab official claims fight with ONLF

17 Dec 17, 2009 - 3:16:32 PM

A top Al-Shabaab official from Somalia’s southern Jubba region claims that the recent clashes was between their group and the Ethiopian rebel group, Ogaden National Liberation Front ONLF and not Somalia’s Hizbul Islam as earlier reported.

Sheikh Abdirahiin Ali Mudey, a top Al-Shabaab official in Jubba region said the militia led by Sheikh Ahmed Madobe were a amalgamation of ONLF fighters and Hizbul Islam deserters.

‘We fought with Ethiopian backed ONLF and we were fortunate to root them out of the region and we urge all except ONLF to live in the region peacefully.”

Asked if Madobe was part of Hizbul Islam, Sheikh Mudey described him as a veiled ONLF official, who they discovered through their intelligence.

“It’s true that we fought with Ahmed Madobe but he is not part of Hizbul Islam. He was an individual who was hiding inside the group and there is no war between Hizbul Islam and us. We are united under Jihad umbrella, which we want to form Islamic administration for the country,” said the official

Hizbul Islam leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Awes has previously said that Sheikh Ahmed Madobe is part of the group and the fight between them and Al Shabaab was against the law.

On the other hand, Sheikh Abdirahiin Mudey said Al-Shabaab is not ready to go war with Kenya, denying that they have issued orders to get rid of border signs between Kenya and Somalia.

It is the first time that the Al Shabaab group is claiming to have fought with ONLF, a group, which is fighting for the liberation of Ethiopian controlled Somali region.



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