Monday, 13 February 2012

Ethiopia Reveals Details of Silanyo-Zenawi Meeting

Addis-Ababa(Horn)-The Ethiopian government has revealed details of last week’s meeting between President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo and Prime minister Meles Zenawi, in Addis Ababa.
The details were released by the Ethiopian foreign ministry through it’s weekly news site column called ‘A week in the Horn.’, which is run by the ministry.
Read the full excerpts of the official Ethiopian Press release below:
Somaliland’s President visits Addis Ababa
Somaliland’s President Ahmed Mohammed Silanyo visited Addis Ababa on Tuesday and met with Prime Minister Meles. The two leaders discussed bilateral and regional issues of mutual concern including regional peace and security, trade and economic affairs, as well as the implementation of signed bilateral agreements. During his discussions with Prime Minister Meles, President Silanyo said that his “self-declared autonomous state” gives high importance to its relations with Ethiopia, and expressed his strong desire to further consolidate these. President Silanyo noted that Somaliland was keen to strengthen further its all-round relations and cooperation with Ethiopia. Somaliland, he said, was very satisfied with its excellent relationship with Ethiopia, and it much appreciated Ethiopia’s “significant role” in the East Africa region. Somaliland, of course, unilaterally declared its independence from Somalia in 1991 and it has repeatedly called for the international community to give recognition to its self-declared autonomy. Somaliland has been invited to the London Conference later this month and after discussions among the country’s three political parties, it has decided to attend. According to Foreign Minister Muhammad Abdullahi Omar it will help Somaliland to express its intention and demonstrate to the world its independence. Somaliland’s Minister of Fisheries and Ports, Abdillahi Jama Geeljire, said it was an opportunity as Somaliland “was invited on equal terms with those nations that will participate”. It would allow Somaliland to present its case, and “share with our Somali brothers our experience and how we achieved the peace and security we enjoy today and they are searching for.” 

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