Sunday, 19 February 2012

Somali - Ethiopian forces to capture Bay & Bakool Regions

UMogadishu(RBC) - The strong contingent of the Ethiopian forces that were stationed in the outskirts of Luuq district in the Gedo region for a good time have moved along with the Somali army towards Yeed district in Bakool region. Yeed district will be used as the gate way for launching the operation to liberate Al Shabab from the two regions.

Locals on the ground informed RBC that the Ethiopian army is equipped with tanks and other heavy military weaponry. According to their estimation the combined force of the Ethiopian troops and the Somali Army  is  put above 2000 men.

Al Shabab forces on their part are fortifying their defences in Eel Barde district and also reinforcing their forces in Bardheere district. The locals reported that a lot of Al Shabab technicals and soldiers have reached Bardheere and many more are expected to reach there very soon.

RBC reached by telephone the commander of the Somali forces in Gedo Mr. Khalif but the commander declined to give details about the Ethiopian army's operation. The commander was so tight lipped that he refused to go beyond confirming that a military operation is going on and that the Somali people will hear good news in the near future.

This current Ethiopian contingent is said to be the largest one in number and weaponry that was ever assembled since Ethiopia pulled out its troops out of Somalia some three years back.

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