Thursday, 9 February 2012

Somalia - Who are the fakers NSPU or the Peddlers of an Expired Product (British Somaliland)?

Who are the fakers
NSPU or the Peddlers of an Expired Product (British Somaliland)?
By Said A. Saryan
Feb 06, 2012

The hypocrites among you today are worse than the hypocrites who lived at the time of the Messenger of Allah SAW!” He was asked: “O Aba ‘Abdillah, how is this so?” He replied: “ They used to hide their hypocrisy. As for the ones today, they display it openly.” [Hudhayfah Ibn Al-Yamman  ("Al-Musannaf", 15/109)]
As an independent Analyst who closely follows Somalia’s current affairs I was taken aback somewhat to read in, an article written by a Abdirahman Mohamed Haji, in which he accuses Northern Somalis for Peace & Unity (NSPU), a respectable renowned pro-Unity Civic Society advocacy organization, of ‘faking documents’.
But further reflecting on Mr. Haji’s article, I was dumbfounded to hear a ‘Somaliland’ Proponent coming forward in the open and accusing others of Fakery when it is a well-documented fact that the champions of his secessionist project is the Mother of all Fakers. 
Not far detached from the insidious practice of some Shopkeepers in today’s Somalia, who knowingly sell ‘expired medicine’ to unwitting patients; Somaliland-ers has been peddling, not only to Somalis but to the World, an expired long-dead Colonial construct known at the time as ‘Somaliland British Protectorate’.  Fortunately the Somalis, other than pockets of die-hard clanists in the Northwest, and the International Community at large did not fall for this scheme. They rejected this potentially dangerous prescription. They knew ‘Somaliland British Protectorate’ has ceased to exist and ‘expired’ in June 26, 1960. Continued

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