Saturday, 25 February 2012

US Spy Agencies: Iran Not Seeking Nuclear Bomb

The latest US intelligence report indicates Iran is pursuing research that could enable it to develop its nuclear drive, but that it has not sought to build atomic weapons.
As US and Israeli officials talk publicly about the prospect of a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program, one fact is often overlooked: US intelligence agencies don’t believe Iran is actively trying to build an atomic bomb, the daily Los Angeles Times reported.
A highly classified US intelligence assessment circulated to policymakers early last year largely affirms that view, originally made in 2007. Both reports, known as National Intelligence Estimates, conclude that “Tehran halted efforts to develop and build a nuclear warhead in 2003”.
The most recent report, which represents the consensus of 16 US intelligence agencies, indicates that Iran is pursuing research that could put it in a position to develop its nuclear capabilities, but that it has not sought to build nuclear arsenals.

Enriching Low-Grade Uranium
Although Iran continues to enrich uranium at low levels, US officials say they have not seen evidence it has caused them to significantly revise that judgment. Senior US officials say Israeli regime does not dispute the basic intelligence or analysis.
Iran’s Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei stated Wednesday that Tehran had no intention of producing nuclear weapons. In remarks broadcast on state television, he said that “owning a nuclear weapon is a big sin.”
But he said that “pressure, sanctions and assassinations” would not stop Iran from producing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

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