Saturday, 14 November 2009

Religious Texts

The Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement has compiled these searchable Jewish and Islamic religious texts to assist religious and lay leaders as they create sermons and curricula around Jewish-Muslim themes, to facilitate scholarship on Islam and Judaism by academics and students alike, and to allow quick and easy viewing of various issues from the perspectives of the sacred texts of each faith. Each religious text will be provided with a range of acceptable translations in order to facilitate scholarly study, debate, and religious text study on a variety of topics. We will continue to work on this compendium in order to provide an excellent and user-friendly resource for scholarship and general educational purposes.
Islamic Text

The hadith used in the compendium were compiled by the Muslim Students Association at the University of Southern California. The Compendium of Muslim Texts (now available at has been one of the most frequently cited sources of hadith and is the most complete compilation of hadith available to the public.

Methodologies for the study of hadith have been developed over centuries by Islamic scholars and jurists and are commonly referred to as the science of hadith study. Verification of hadith as reliable, and the use of hadith to verify or disavow Islamic practice, is left to Ulama, or Islamic scholars, with a deep understanding of Islamic jurisprudence and history. Articles on the science of hadith study, the history of the creation of the Compendium of Muslim texts, and other topics including approaches to the interpretation of difficult texts, viewing scripture as historical as well as religious documents, and other topics, are forthcoming.
Muslim Texts

* The Qur'an
* The Hadith

Other Resources

* The Message of the Quran by Muhammad Asad
* The Message of the Quran by Muhammed Asad - Appendix I - IV (pdf)
* Digital English Translations of the Holy Quran
* Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi's The Meaning of the Qur'an

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