Friday, 13 November 2009

TFG Mediates Disputes Between Galmudug State Officials of North Region

The Transitional Federal Government officials are mediating disputes between Galmudug state administrations of north of Somalia, official told Shabelle radio on Friday.

Mohamed Ahmed Alin, one of the presidents of Galmudug state told Shabelle radio that the Somali government officials are continuing mediating efforts to end the misunderstanding between the officials of both administration in south of Galka'o town, the central town of Mudug region.

Mr. Alin said that the transitional government invited them in the Somali capital Mogadishu to solve the disagreement between both sides saying that they expected to reach agreement for the political challenges in the region.

The president had also talked more on the insecurity situations in Galka'o town pointing out that the security of the town was not out of control adding that there are some times that planned killings and explosions happen in the town.

There had been disputes between both administrations led by both Presidents Mohamed Ahmed Alin and Ahmed Sharif Ali Hilowle since the administration formed in south of Galka'o town in north of the country.

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