Tuesday, 23 August 2016

1,950 mobile shops closed for not hiring Saudis

PUNISHED: In the Makkah region, 582 mobile shops were closed.
JEDDAH: The number of establishments that have been closed down at the end of the first phase of the implementation of the nationalization of jobs in the telecommunications sector has risen to 1,950. Of this number, 582 are in the Makkah region. Inspection teams have served notices to a further 923 shops to explain why their shops should not be closed for not meeting the deadline of employing at least half their staff from among citizens by the beginning of Ramadan.
During inspections, the teams detected 3,458 violations, of which 2,535 were referred to the sanctioning panel.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development confirmed a drop in the number of violations and a rise in the number of establishments adhering to the Saudization of jobs decision. Up to 22,413 establishments were reported complying with decision until the 17th of Dul Qaada.
Fahad Al-Awaidi, undersecretary for inspections and improvement of the work environment at the ministry, said this figure is the result of 25,965 inspection visits made by the ministry’s teams across the Kingdom. He said the decision involves the sectorial application of all categories and sizes of the establishments. 
“The application of the decision to limit the work on the sale and maintenance of communication equipment and accessories on male and female Saudis initially resulted in positive outcomes. The decision gave the children of our Kingdom the opportunity to work in this vital sector that provides them with job stability and good material returns,” said the undersecretary.
He asserted the continuation of the inspection campaigns conducted by the ministries of Labor and Social Development, Municipal and Rural Affairs, and Commerce and Investment with the help of the security agencies until the whole sector is totally Saudized by the 1st of Dul Hijjah this year.
Al-Awaidi stressed the fact that the ministry will not be tolerant toward the violators of this decision, calling all parties to report any violation in this regard through the website of the ministry on the linkwww.rasd.ma3an.gov.sa. “The ministry will immediately address any report out of its keenness on improving and developing the work environment,” he concluded.

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