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Woman fines Mombasa man Ksh 10M for sexless marriage

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– An Indian man has been fined Ksh 10million by a court for failing to have sex with his wife
– The couple of 18 years did not have sex even once in the marriage
– The court awarded the woman because the man failed to reveal his impotence before the marriage
A man in Mombasa has been fined Ksh 10 Million for failing to engage in sexual intercourse with his wife of 18 years
The man identified as Patel married Sonia in India as per Hindu customs and later relocated to Mombasa.
However, the woman claims Patel failed to inform her of his impotence before their marriage.
She also reportedly became like a house help after moving to Mombasa, where she lived with Patel’s family in Nyali.
The woman took the matter to the court which was presented before Justice Maureen Odero following Patel’s divorce in 2009.
Sonia claims that the two lived happily and peacefully despite the lack of sexual intimacy but things changed when Patel’s father died.
Patel reportedly turned cruel, belligerent and uncaring and even tried making her return to India.
The couple never engaged in sexual intercourse for the 18-year-period of their marriage.
As a result, the couple didn’t have any children.
Sonia revealed to the court that she decided to persevere in the union because divorce was a taboo in the Hindu community.
Patel, on the other hand, claimed his wife had shared intimate details of his impotence and failure to perform in the bedroom embarrassing him in the process.
Justice Odero ruled the case directing Patel to pay Sonia a lump sum of Sh10 million, or Sh4.25 million in instalments within 60 days.
“I find that this act of deception by the man was cruel in the extreme. It condemned the innocent woman to a life devoid of sexual intimacy and children which is the desire of any woman in a marriage,” Odero said.
Odero further noted that Sonia was lured into the marriage on false pretence, and brought into a foreign country only to be turned into a house help.
The judge defended the court’s ruling saying the woman did not have any form of employment or source of income, directing Patel to foot the bill incurred in the trial.

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