Sunday, 21 August 2016

Saudi Security Arrests Murderer of Saudi Brigadier

Saudi Security
Riyadh – Saudi Security arrested the murderer of Brigadier Ahmad Faya Asiri, Osama Ahmad Mohammed al-Rajhi.
Rajhi, a Yemeni national, received directives and orders from terrorist organization ISIS.
The minister of interior also announced it had arrested Rajihi’s two partners, his brother Mohammed Ahmad al-Rajhi, and Muwaffaq Salen Sunaid al-Harbi, a Saudi national.
Brigadier Asiri’s son had already alerted the authorities that a fire gun was heard in their private ranch in Abo Arish area in Jaza, south of Saudi Arabia.
Security Spokesman of the Interior Ministry Lieutenant Mansour al-Turki announced that investigations led to the discovery of the criminals.
Turki revealed that after conducting technical inspections, a pistol and silencer used in the crime, were found in the house of the criminal. The pistol and silencer matched the patterns of genetic samples and fingerprints found on the crime scene.
Rajhi confessed his crime after receiving directives from ISIS abroad.
Rajhi met with his partner Harbi in Makkah to receive the arms, whereas Rajhi’s brother, Mohammed admitted his knowledge of the crime carried out by his brother in details.
The latter also confessed hiding the gun and the silencer in the water tank of their house.

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