Women circumcise a man after running away from knife for 12 years

Abdikarim Hussein 53 minutes ago 1846
– A father of two has been forcefully been circumcised in Bungoma town
– The man identified as Kelvin Juma aged 31 has been evading the event for 12 years
– In Africa context,circumcision is seen as a transition from childhood to adulthood
A man who had defied to face the knife for 12 years was forcefully  circumcised in Bungoma town after being cornered by a group of  villagers who have been looking for him.
The man identified as Kelvin Juma was aged 31.and hails from Sinoko Village,Kadunyi constituency.The father of two is said to have moved from his house when he noticed that the villagers  were planning to compel him undergo the traditional cut.

It is alleged that it is a custom  for all Luhya community that all men aged 18 should face the knife.
“He has been running away during the circumcision season. All his younger brothers have already been cut. He has never faced the knife for being afraid,” a neighbor said.
“In most cases, he disappeared on the eve of final day despite going through all the necessary rituals,”  the victim’s brother James Wekesa is quoted as saying by the star newspaper
Residents caught up with Juma when he came back to visit his family after being on the run unawares that the locals had already hatched a plan against him.
“We asked him to remove his clothes and be made a man but tried to run away. We caught him by force and had him cut,” another name is quoted as saying

Juma’s uncle identified as Julius Nyongesa said the victim has been evading the annual event since the year 2004  and has previously escaped the trap even back in 2008.
In Africa context,circumcision is seen as a transition from childhood.Similar cases like that of Juma have previously been reported in Bungoma and Tranzoia
This comes a few months after another man was forcefully circumcised  in Bungoma after the wife informed the neighbours.They had eleven children together.


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