70-year-old husband caught having sex with goat

Matilda Nzioki 5 hours ago 16896
– A 70-year-old man was caught in an unnatural act with a goat in his home in Nyeri county
– He attempted to torch the family house and kill his wife who had caught him in the act
Residents from Tetu Constituency in Nyeri are still reeling from shock after a woman caught her 70-year-old husband pants down with a goat on Tuesday evening August 2, 2016.
The woman, identified as Cecilia Muthoni, told police she became suspicious after seeing her husband Alexander Waigwa getting into the shed of goats in their home in Gichira village, and saw her husband grab one of the goats by the tail.
She peeped from the back of the house, and was shocked to see him in the act.
She let out a loud scream and the man got furious for being caught. He attempted to set their house on fire and to slash his wife, but her screams had already attracted neighbours and authorities who came to her rescue.
“He grabbed a jerrycan of paraffin but it was too late. He later grabbed a machete to kill the wife but we intervened,” area OCPD Steven Obara toldNairobi News.
The man was arrested and is being held at Nyeri Police station awaiting investigations before he can be arraigned in court.
Veterinary officers visited the home and took samples from the goat to verify the claims against Waigwa who neighbours say worked in the disciplined forces before his retirement.
Officers who arrested him described him as an “arrogant and dangerous” man who had in the past battered his wife and ripped her upper lip.
A roll of bhang was found on him when he was searched before being locked in the cells.
The officers said he had been previously sentenced to five years in jail for murder but was released.


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