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Interview:Najib Balala explains why Raila is cunning and stingy

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– Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala has opened up to TUKO.co.ke on why he ditched opposition chief Raila Odinga.
– He has described Raila Odinga  as cunning and opportunistic
– Balala believes that Raila is so attached to power and he will never endorse Kalonzo Musyoka or Moses Wetangula for the presidency
Najib Balala,the former Mvita member of parliament who is now the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism was a close ally of opposition leader Raila Odinga.
He was even a member of Pentagon House,a think tank that was formed to propel Raila into Presidency.
But the latter never managed to crack the presidency.In between,they felt out,but Balala has a different view on Raila’s personality, his political ambitions including his alleged opportunistic nature.
Seated in the 18th floor of Teleposta towers where his office is located, Balala opens to TUKO.co.ke  in a candid interview about his past political relationship with a friend now turned foe.
“Raila is very cunning and opportunistic.He does not know how to keep friends,” Balala says when I asked him about what he thinks about Raila
But you believed in his political ideologies and even went to the streets together with Deputy President William Ruto when Raila lost to Mwai Kibaki in the year 2007? I ask him
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“I felt angry after he abandoned William Ruto during his case at the International Criminal Court.When we were campaigning  for him,
“we were one but after what happened after the disputed elections ,he isolated himself and it become an individual issue,he mistreated us and dismissed us.Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) is a symbol of impunity of chaos” says Balala
Balala insists that Raila will never be the president of the republic of Kenya.He says the biggest mistake that Raila made was  losing the key members of pentagon.
He goes further to say that Raila is stingy and selfish and  that he will never agree to endorse either Kalonzo Musyoka or Moses Wetangula for the presidency.
Balala  further accuses Raila of being mean and demanding even in needy situations when you invite him for a fundraiser.
“Have you ever heard Raila attending a fundraiser or donating? You invite Raila for a function and he tells you to hire a chopper for him and a briefcase(renumerations),” said Balala
However,Balala says the only elections that Raila won was in the year 2007 when he contested against Mwai Kibaki for presidency.He credits Mwai Kibaki  for infrastructure and enviable economic growth  during his leadership.
Balala says that if Raila vies for presidency next year,it will be a total failure for him.
“First his age does not allow him.Secondly,he can’t make it.Dont be lied by his hired goons that protests on the street to show that he is powerful with numbers,
“The only candidate who i think could challenge us for presidency next year if he vies, is Musalia Mudavadi.Mudavadi is  a respected figure and he does not like engaging in petty politics.We respect him and he is a good man,”says Balala
But you were part of the team that short-changed Mudavadi just few a few months to the 2013 general elections? I ask him
“I personally, together with William Ruto the deputy president and President Uhuru Kenyatta drove ourselves in one car to Musalia Mudavadi residence in Riverside,Nairobi, seeking a political deal,
“We event left our bodyguards back but politics as you be aware sometimes is  unpredictable,Mudavadi is a very honest person” notes Balal
Unlike Musalia Mudavadi who Balala says is a quiet and composed man,Balala says the problem with his former party leader Raila Odinga is that he loves the hype and recognition.
“When the coalition government was formed after the disputed elections and Raila was made the prime minister,
“He changed a lot and asked party members to refer him as His Excellency when adressing him.Have you ever heard Uhuru Kenyatta bothering with the title Presidency?He calls his deputy William and so does William.Simplicity,” says Balala
Raila Odinga is currently facing a huge political backlash mostly in areas where his party previously enjoyed massive support.This has been influenced by his key members ditching to rival party’s  especially the ruling coalition.
Budalangi Member of Parliament Ababu Namwamba who was the Secretary General of ODM left the party and is rumoured to join Jubilee Alliance Part(JAP)

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