Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Mombasa man dies upon meeting a woman with horse legs

Sarah Adoyo Yesterday 63693
– A man in Mombasa is said to have bumped into  a lady with horse legs 
-The man had wanted to make love with her but his mission was cut short upon the  realisation.  He died later after disclosing the weird encounter 
A man in Mombasa was left in shock after discovering a prostitute he was eying had horse legs.
The incident happened in Mombasa’s  Mama Ngina street.
 It is said the two met  in town where the man proposed to sleep with the woman who was wearing a long dress with black colours.
As  they walked,the girl excused herself to use a local toilet.When she came out, Athuman noticed the lady had horse legs.

He realised when the lady, while stepping outside the washrooms, slightly lifted her dress.
Prior to this, the man and the lady had talked for almost thirty minutes.
It is reported that Athumani died two days later after sharing his predicament with his friends, something he was apparently not supposed to do.

Tales of Jinis and witchcraft are a commonplace at the coast. More often than not, you will hear tales of walking Jini’s or someone having met a funny creature.
It is also claimed that not every cat spotted in the coastal city is a real cat, some areJinis in the form of a cat roaming the streets.

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