Tuesday, 26 July 2016

President Mutharika orders arrest of infamous Malawian hyena

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– A Malawian ‘hyena’ who sexually initiates 12-year-old girls was arrested on Tuesday, July 26
– Eric Aniva practised a tradition that allowed him to sexually initiate young girls into womanhood
– Malawi’s President Mutharika ordered for his immediate arrest after a BBC documentary exposed him
Eric Aniva, the Malawian ‘hyena’ who was documented by BBC for sexually initiating young girls into women has been arrested.
This came after President Peter Mutharika ordered for his arrest.
Aniva was charged with sex crimes for violating children’s rights.
According to the documentary released….., Aniva told of how he was a ‘hyena’ whom parents hired to sexually initiate or cleanse their daughters.
Most of these girls were as young as 12-years-old.
He said that being a hyena was part of a Malawian tradition and he had slept with over 100 girls who loved his performance.
He also tested positive for HV.

“The president was disturbed by the revelations made in the story and vowed to crack down on the cultural practise,” said Bright Molande, the president’s director of communication at State House.
Watch the video below:

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