Sunday, 24 July 2016

They killed one lion... But the revenge was scary!

Loise.Wepukhulu 1 day ago 25041
These lousy hunters deemed it a lucky day. They took down a lion and wanted to get cool selfies with it. The left the camera rolling and what it has recorded chills blood in your veins.
They killed one lion... But the revenge was scary!
They killed the lion. They were so excited and seemed to forget where they were. City people are not used to be constantly on their guard, as they should do being in the wild. They had the guns in their hands. The man set up the camera, while the girl went over to the lion’s body.

They were so excited over their luck, and they have all forgotten about other wild animals in the wild place. If you want the video carefully, you see how another beast appears on the horizon line. He quietly approaches the couple…They killed one lion... But the revenge was scary!
What happens next is scary. You hear the sounds and can guess the end of this story. The happiness and excitement quickly turned into the tragedy! One more time we are reminded of the danger of making selfies without taking heed to the life around us! Watch the video and see what happened for yourself.
It might be a fake, but such a situation can easily take place in the real life. We do not know for sure.

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