23-year-old man thrashed by father for gambling his cash

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– A man in Kiambu was beaten up by his father after he was sent for shopping but instead used the money to gamble
– The craze has skyrocketed in the country lately, with a 2016 report indicating that Kenya is number three in Africa in the sector, after South Africa and Nigeria
A 23-year old man had to seek medical assistance after he was injured by his father following a thorough beating at their home in Kihingo village, Rabai ward, Kiambu.
John Kimani said he sent his son to shop some stuff with KSh 1,000, only to find him gambling his hard earned cash away.
“After waiting for long, I was worried what had happened to him. Upon tracing him, I found him in a casino sitting, having gambled and lost all the money,”Kimani said as quoted by HiviSasa.
23-year-old man thrashed by father for gambling his cash
Gambling and betting in Kenya has drastically changed.
The man said he could not imagine how careless his son had become, especially seeing as he is a father of nine who does menial jobs to make ends meet, and then go ahead and squander the little the family has.
“I was angered by my son and that is why I decided to punish him severely. I have been warning him against irresponsible gambling but he is reluctant to quit gambling,” he added.
The son sought treatment at the nearby Ngeteti Community Health Dispensary for the injuries.
From sports betting online to improvised casinos in estates, gambling has skyrocketed in the country lately, with a large population, rich and poor, getting into the craze.
A 2016 report released by auditing firm PriceWaterHouseCoopers indicated that the sector is placed third in Africa after South Africa and Nigeria, and is likely to register a revenue of KSh 2.3 billion by 2018, up from KSh 1.7 billion in 2013.

Images: Daily Mail/Daily Nation


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