Al-Shabaab attack police station in Wajir for a second time

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– Al-Shabaab militants raided a police station in Wajir last night and reportedly stole armoury
– A police officer was injured in the fighting, while at least three terrorists sustained serious injuries
Al-Shabaab insurgents numbering over 100 raided a police post in Wajir on Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 1am, after overwhelming officers manning the station.
The militants arrived at Diff Police Station located near the Kenya-Somali border in seven vehicles; a lorry, four Land Cruisers and two Toyota Probox, armed with heavy mortar fire.
Wajir County Commissioner Michael Ole Tialal said one police officer was injured when an intense gun battle ensued between the terrorists and the police officers.
“One policeman was injured during the attack, before the more than 150 Al-Shabaab militants were repulsed,” Tialal told Daily Nation.
Al-Shabaab attack police station in Wajir for a second time
Remains of Diff Police Station when it was attacked and burnt in April 2016.
Photo: The Standard
The county commissioner added that at least three terrorists escaped with severe injuries or were killed during the fighting.
Tialal could not confirm previous reports that the insurgents stole armoury including 10,000 bullets, 13 AK47 rifles and police uniform, only noting that security agents dispatched from Wajir Town would substantiate the claims.
“The militia disappeared deep into Somalia and the Kenya Defence Force soldiers across the border had been notified to pursue them. The terrorists also raided local shops in Wajir before they escaped,” said Tialal
Recently in April, Diff Police Station was attacked by terrorists and burnt down.

Image: JIC/File


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