Dallas shooting: Bomb material found at suspect's home

Images from the Facebook page of Micah JohnsonImage copyrightFACEBOOK
Image captionFacebook images show Micah Johnson giving a black power salute and dressed in military uniform
Bomb-making material, rifles, ammunition and combat journal have been found at the home of the main suspect in the Dallas shooting.
Police said the material was found when they searched the home of Micah Johnson in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite.
Five police officers were killed and seven wounded in a hail of gunfire during a protest against the shooting of black men by police.
Johnson died following a long stand-off with police in central Dallas.
Police confirmed media reports that the 25-year-old army veteran was the person killed when they remotely detonated explosives they sent into the car park where he was holed up.
They said he had no criminal history.
The protest in Dallas took place after this week's deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana.
Police Chief David Brown said the suspect had told a negotiator that he had wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers, because he was angry about the recent shootings of black men by police.
Mr Brown added that the man had said he was not affiliated with any groups and he had acted alone.
Media captionSidney Johnson captured the chaos in the aftermath of the shootings
US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson appeared to confirm this in a statement later on Friday.
"At this time there appears to have been one gunman with no known links to or inspiration from any international terrorist organisation," he told a news conference in New York.
Police arrested three people and initially said they believed at least two snipers had caught police in crossfire, shooting some officers in the back.


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