Graphic Video: ISIS Executes 'Spies,' Puts Heads on Spikes

Thu, June 30, 2016
(Photo: Screenshot from video)
(Photo: Screenshot from video)
The Islamic State has released a new gruesome video in which it executes five young men accused of spying and impales their heads on spikes.
The video begins "our story is about a group of young people who used to live in the city of Bukamal and used to have ordinary day jobs before the devil took them and showed them the path of infidelity."
The clip explained how the men were allegedly recruited to be spies by the Syrian Democratic Forces. They are said to have given information to the Americans via a local militia about ISIS targets.
The film goes to some lengths to portray the normal life had by the "spies" before they were caught by ISIS, forcing the condemned to reenact scenes from their daily lives in their jobs as a grocer, shoe seller, fabric merchant, electronics store operator and internet salesman.
They then show how the Islamic State's commando unit arrested the "spies." A confession follows and then the executions. After the executions the heads of the "spies" are mounted on spikes.
Warning -Extremely graphic video:



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