Kenyan man recorded touching his private parts in a matatu Gossip Blogger Yesterday 29605
– An elderly man was on Thursday, June 30, recorded on camera fondling himself in a Matatu in total disregard of his surroundings 
– He was on a Matatu on his way to Westlands from Kangemi 
– The woman who recorded him says that the sight was so ghastly that the woman who was seated next to him had to swap seats in order to sit as far from him as humanly possible 
A Kenyan woman, on Thursday, June 30, boarded a matatu from Kangemi. She was headed to Westlands for her daily hustle. In the matatu, she sat opposite an elderly man. He was dressed carelessly in a pair of black pants and a faded burgundy jacket.
When the bus left for Westlands, the woman on inspecting her surroundings noticed that the man in the over-sized burgundy jacket was restless, fidgety and  was clutching at his ‘Peter’ touching, fondling and tugging.
It was such an  uncomfortable moment for the woman seated next to him that immediately the matatu stopped to drop a passenger, she shifted seats. The man, undeterred, carried on, tugging, scratching and fondling his ‘Peter’
When the fondling wouldn’t stop, the woman who shared the ghastly video online whipped her phone out and recorded the amateur video for a full two minutes.
Kenyan man recorded touching his private parts in a matatu
A snippet of the Youtube video in which the man was recorded touching himself inappropriately.
The man in a burgundy jacket  did not stop the unsightly show and carried on till the matatu got to  Westlands.
When the video was shared online, users suggested that the man might have been harboring  lice on his genitals or was suffering from a venereal disease- which would explain why he was touching himself.
Watch the video below:
Video: JFK
Yet another spattering of users suggest that the man was a pervert who was touching himself in public in total disregard of his surroundings- a behavior that should be condemned with the vilest terms possible.


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