Kenyan lawyer brags that his cheapest suit cost him KSh 170,000

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  Celebrated lawyer, Cliff Ombeta at a recent interview, boasted that his chet him around KSh 170,000- the price of a second-hand Toyota Vitz or a Starlet apest suit cos 
– Ombeta is representing in court, the police officers who are suspected of killing lawyer Willie Kimani, his client and a taxi driver
For all of you jobless law students, take heart. There is a dazzle at the end of the tunnel. I mean, a Kenyan lawyer has claimed that his cheapest suit cost  him around KSh 170,000.
Ombeta is  representing in court, the police officers who are suspected of killing human rights lawyer, Willie Kimani,his client, and a taxi driver. Ombeta at an interview with the Standard newspaper said that everyone was innocent until proven guilty- that he was just doing his duty.
Ombeta has come under attack from lawyers and advocates who have accused him of defending murderers who killed an innocent city lawyer.
At the interview, the flamboyant lawyer who is known for his taste in fashion said that in his closet, the cheapest suit cost him around KSh 170,ooo- that is the price of a 40 by 80 patch of land  in Juja Farm- if the posters we see on the streets are to go by.
The lawyer revealed that he inherited the knack for expensive dressing from his late father who was a commisioner of the customs at the Kenya Revenue Authority.
Kenyan lawyer brags that his cheapest suit cost him KSh 170,000
Lawyyer Cliff Ombeta announces that he is not interested in representing Pastor James Ng’ang’a in court. Photo:
Ombetta went on to tell the Standard newspaper that some of his suits cost him an upward of KSh 500,000 and that he would not be caught dead in a suit that goes for KSh, 30,000- because everyone wears that.
The lawyer also owns four Mercedes- Benzes and two high end Toyotas.
The lawyer refused to represent controversial pastor, James Ng’ang’a in court. He also left controversial gynaecologist, Mugo Wa Wairimu stranded in court after refusing to show up.
The four  police officers he is representing in court are:  Senior Sergeant Fredrick Leliman, Corporal Stephen Chebulet, Constable Silvia Wanjiku Wanjohi and Sergeant Leonard Maina Mwangi.
Mwangi was arrested on Tuesday, July 6 and arraigned in court where the prosecution was allowed to detain him for 13 days to complete the investigation.
They are all connected to the murder of Willie Kimani and two other Kenyans.
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