Police searching suspects making sausages from donkey meat

Julia Majale 1 day ago 18232
– Police in Nyandarua have launched a manhunt for suspects operating an illegal sausage factory/house in Kinangop
– Health officers busted into the facility following a tip-off by members of the public to find smelly rotting meat
– The public tipped off the officers after noticing men carrying meat in wrapped paper bags from the house
Residents in the area were left in shock after finding rotten meat, chemicals and half-made sausages in the house turned into a factory in Kinangop.
Kinangop Sub-County public health officer Mary Maina,
The sausages said to be unfit for human consumption were being prepared with meat whose source isn’t known.
Mathew Wambugu, Assistant county commissioner of the area said the meat being used could be  from donkeys since residents have reported a high number of donkey skeletons in the area.
“Area residents had reported cases of slaughtered donkeys and we believe that the meat and other ingredients have been used to manufacture these sausages,”he said as reported by The Standard.
Kinangop public health officer,Mary Maina, has asked area residents and neighbouring counties to exercise caution saying the meat and chemicals in the sausage could be harmful and may cause food poisoning.
“We fear that the sausages could have found their way to neighbouring towns and we are asking the public to be keen on what they are eating,” she said.
KEBS officials confiscated materials from the factory to be used in investigations while police keen on following up the suspects who escaped before they arrived.


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