Two constables to face the court for suspicious activities

Abdikarim Hussein Yesterday 1288
Police officers arrested with bhang and weapons at GSU training school
– Police have arrested two constables based at the GSU training school 
– The officers were arrested with several rounds of amunition including bhang
– The officers are said to have been engaging in suspicious activities  
In weird but shocking news two police officers stationed at the General Service Unit (GSU) Training School have been arrested by their collegues.
 The officers were nabbed with 65 rounds of ammunition, gun oil and 500gms of bhang in their house at the training school. 
Two constables to face the court for suspicious activities
Police in Nairobi have warned the opposition that they will be met by the force of the law should they attempt to demonstrate at the IEBC offices.
The arrests came after a tip off the two officers could be involved in suspicious activities.
 A special police unit led by Inspector Adan Hassan conducted a search at the house of Constable Joseph Kamau and Constable Daniel Mwangi where the items were discovered. 
Police also recovered  eleven rounds of AK47 rifle ammunition.
The two  are being held at the Embakasi police station.
Incidents of police officers engaging in crime has increased last one  year.
Reasons given to why police officers engage in crime is said to be poor pay and working conditions.
Other factors are frustrations at work and the availability of fire arms for criminal activities.


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