Munich shooting prompts urgent transport service shutdown in German city

© Michael Dalder
As information continues to emerge from Munich following a fatal shooting at a shopping mall, significant parts of the city’s transport systems have been shut down.
While there are conflicting reports over whether a second shooting has taken place in the city, police are urging people to stay indoors and avoid certain areas, including the Marienplatz metro station.
The search for those behind the fatal shooting continues and at the request of the police, transport authorities in the city have shut down a number of train, tram and bus lines.
Footage has emerged of people running from underground stations around the city.
According to De Telegraaf newspaper, police have also asked for the city’s taxi drivers who are currently working to make their way to the central square and have advised against picking up any more passengers for the time being.
Motorists have also been asked to avoid any motorways around the city.
A number of embassies and consulates in Munich have also issued alerts warning people to stay indoors following the shooting.


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