Gang prepares chicken at crime scene after stealing KSh 10M

Winnie Mabel 37 minutes ago 11227
– KSh 10 million worth of coffee and goods worth more than KSh 100,000 was stolen at a Nyeri coffee factory
– The gang then prepared a rice and chicken stew to ‘celebrate’ their 4 am crime
– This is the second time a coffee factory in Nyeri was hit after another one was raided coffee worth KSh 20 million in the same area
A gang in Nyeri county was daring enough to take the time to prepare a sumptuous meal of rice and chicken after stealing goods worth KSh 10 million at a coffee factory in Mukurwe-ini.
According to the Nairobi News, the incident occurred at 4 am and was perpetrated by more than 30 people.
“They cooked themselves a late supper at the factory’s kitchen and ate within the premise after carrying away 51 bags of coffee to a waiting lorry. They also made away with 39 chicken, a computer’s central processing unit, 20 bags of fertilizer, spraying chemicals worth KSh 91,000 and money from the clerk’s office,” published the news site on Monday, August 15.
The raid was believed to be an inside job after the factory’s chairman, Moses Mogwe, said one of them had threatened to release the coffee if he was not paid his hefty dues.
The gang managed to bypass security guards who were said to receive KSh 27,000 a month as salary.
A witness of the crime said the gang took off in an old lorry after farmers assembled. They later demanded the government compensate them for the stolen coffee despite having an insurance scheme for the crop.
This is the second time such an incident is taking place after KSh 20 million worth of coffee was stolen at Tambaya factory months ago in Nyeri county too.


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