Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Saudi Arabia - Trial of schoolteacher accused of serial rapes starts today

JEDDAH: A 43-year-old Saudi schoolteacher accused of raping eight girls after kidnapping them from malls and wedding palaces in Jeddah will stand trial Wednesday before a panel of three judges, sources at the Jeddah general court said Tuesday.
According to the sources, the Prosecution and Investigations Commission (PIC) submitted the case file of 35 pages to the general court about a week ago.
The source said a copy of the confidential file was also handed over to the defendant’s lawyer.
According to the sources, there was enough evidence incriminating the accused, including photographs by surveillance cameras. They showed him kidnapping some of the girls from various locations in Jeddah.
Earlier, he confessed to drinking alcohol and having pornographic clips on his laptop.
The sources said the DNA of the accused matched the samples taken from the clothes of one of the victims. From 2008 until he was caught on May 4, 2011, the accused allegedly kidnapped and raped eight young girls aged between six and 12 years.
According to the sources, the court session will be behind closed doors. Only the accused and his lawyer will be allowed in the court.
The charges include kidnapping and raping underage girls, terrorizing the victims and their families, physically abusing young girls, forcing them into his home, forcing some of them to drink alcohol and watch porn clips and dumping all of them on the street afterward.
On Tuesday local Arabic newspaper Al-Watan quoted Abu Abdul Aziz, an uncle of the accused, as saying that the family had confidence in the judicial system and were sure that their son was innocent.
The uncle said the case was made a public opinion issue after the press and other media had extensively covered it.
“The accused was not caught drinking alcohol. Nor was he in the company of any of the victims he was accused of raping. He was summoned to the police headquarters by a call on his mobile,” he said.
Abu Abdul Aziz was sure that his nephew, who was a good teacher, would never commit such a filthy act.

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