Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Al-Shabaab launch mortar attacks on KDF base in Dhamase

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Al-Shabaab launch another attack on KDF base
– Militant group al-Shabaab have continued mortar attacks on Kenya Defence Force base in Gedo region Somalia 
– The terror group has been carrying out overnight attacks on the base located at the strategic town of Dhamase
– KDF has retaliated against the group with battles forcing civilians in the area to flee
Terror rgroup al-Shabaab has continued mortar attacks on KDF base in Damascus, Gedo region of Somalia. 
The militants  have been launching  overnight mortar attacks on the Kenyan military base located in the strategic village.
Al-Shabaab launch mortar attacks on KDF base in Dhamase
Al-Shabaab militants have launched attacks in Kenya and Somalia with the last few days the group targeting Dhamase which has a KDF base.
The al-Shabab attacks had forced KDF to retaliate resulting in an exchange mortars between the military and the militants.
The engagement has led to several residents getting wounded from the crossfire.
Residents of the village which is located 50Km north-west of El War town of Kenya have fled the area to safer zones.
On June 24, about 100 al-Shabaab militants attacked the town of Dhamase. According to reports the group arrived in 13 lorries.
The group launched several mortar attacks targeting KDF and Somali National Army bases in the area.
The mortar attack destroyed communication masts forcing the Kenya military personnel use the Somali signals for communication.
The terror group also destroyed a water reservoir in the area cutting the village from clean water supply.
Al-Shabaab had also attacked a police escort vehicle in Mandera killing five officers and injured  seven others.
Cover photo: Horseed media

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