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An old man sexually assaulted 12 girls who lived under his roof

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Some men believe that sex with young girls can rejuvenate them and sustain their youth and health. This guy ended up living with 12 girls aged 6 months to 18 years of age. The guy is 51. Read a socking story of sexual assault and police investigation.
An old man sexually assaulted 12 girls who lived under his roof
His name is Lee Kaplan, and he resides in Pennsylvania. Police have found 12 girls living in his house. Some neighbors reported the man had too many of them, and they could not possibly be his kinswomen. One of the 18 years old girls was “given” to Kaplan by her biological parents. Now they are to be judged along with the old pervert guilty of sexual assaults.
Police broke into the man’s house. They found many proofs of him having sex with the girls. The older one bore him two kids of 6 months and three years of age. All the girls lived in the basement. They got home-schooled. The girls were in pretty good physical shape but had to hide in the chicken coop.
The man is being charged with sexual assault and indecent sex with the girls. We know for sure that the parents of the older girl gave her away to Kaplan man as a gift. They were in financial trouble and did not want to spend any money on their child. She was just 14 when given away. The parents are to be judged along with the man for what they have done.
They lived on a far away farm, and no one seemed to notice their girl was not present there. They say:
“Kaplan saved them from financial ruin by taking their daughter away.”
The investigation goes on and for the time being all three people are in prison, and the bail is high – $1 million dollars. Admittedly, we live in a crazy world where parents are charged as those guilty of sexual assault of their kids and of putting them in danger.

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