Cyclist in northern US killed by grizzly bear

A grizzly bear roaming near Beaver Lake in Yellowstone National Park (06 July 2011)Image copyrightAP
Image captionThere are plans to remove grizzly bears from the threatened species list
A grizzly bear has attacked and killed a cyclist just outside the Glacier National Park, police in the northern US state of Montana say.
The victim was killed on Wednesday about a mile from a West Glacier campground.
The authorities say armed police officers are searching for the bear but gave no further details.
Bear attacks are rare in the area with only 10 deaths reported since the park was created in 1910.
The dead cyclist was a 38-year-old officer with the US Forest Service, Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry told Daily Inter
Officials say the grizzly confronted two cyclists on a trail after they disturbed it.
The dead rider was taken off his saddle by the bear and the other rode off to get help.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced plans to remove grizzly bears from the threatened species list.


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