Thursday, 30 June 2016

Rare photos of Aden Duale's multi-million empire

Tonny Ndungu 3 hours ago 13230
– A leaked photo shows a section of Aden Duale,  the Garissa Town Member of Parliament’s posh home along Kiambu road 
– The photo has been making rounds online and shows that despite the political loud gimmicks- Duale is a man of means 
Garrisa Town Member of Parliament and Majority leader of the National assembly, Aden Duale  lives like a lord.  Known for being outspoken and brush, Duale owns a house along the posh Kiambu road neighborhood.
A photo of the house was taken by one of his guests who later posted it online- sending the rumor mills spinning out of control.  Despite the  loud political showmanship that he is best known for, Duale has proven that he is a man of means.
Rare photos of Aden Duale's multi-million empire
The Aden Duale house along the posh, rich Kiambu road.
Apart from the house on Kiambu road, Duale owns in Garissa town, a palace that defies explanation. A towering, shimmering spectacle that looks every bit like the money it cost.
Elsewhere in Eastleigh, Duale also owns a hotel- the popular one is called the Nomad palace in Easteigh. The sister franchise is in Garissa and is a favorite of the Somali community.
Rare photos of Aden Duale's multi-million empire
Nomad Palace- a group of hotels owned by the MP Garissa Town, Aden Duale
Duale is married to General Mohamud’s daughter- the legendary Mohamud was an army commander back in the day and is best remembered for saving retired president, Daniel Arap Moi from the 1982 attempted coup.
Mohamud’s family considered the richest in Garissa. They own businesses from street ends to alleyways- this, and the fact that Duale married into this affluent family gave him the much needed Midas touch.

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