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Kakamega man's life in danger after wife is gang raped

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Ruthless thugs gang rape woman and urinate in husband’s mouth
– 12 thugs armed with rungus attacked a home in Kakamega and raped a woman as her husband watched 
– The thugs also stole valuables from the family 
– The merciless thugs also urinated on the man’s mouth before taking off with their loot
A group of 12 vicious thugs on Tuesday, June 28, attacked a couple in their home in Kakamega County gang raping the woman as her husband watched.
The gang armed with rungus forced themselves into the home and tied up the husband then forced him to watch as they raped his wife in turns.
“They forced me to watch as they raped my wife in turns until she was gasping for breath,
“It was a horrible sight, seeing the men rough up my wife and rape her,” the man is quoted by the Standard.
Kakamega man's life in danger after wife is gang raped
A group 12 thugs raped a woman and urinated in the mouth of the husband.
The man said the thugs demanded  KSh 300,000 or they would kill him and his wife if they did not surrender the money.
“They claimed to have been sent to collect the cash from me but the robbers could not spare us of the agony we went through despite stealing KSh52, 000 we had kept in the house,” the man said.
Kakamega man's life in danger after wife is gang raped
The thugs numbering 12 were armed with rungus and forced the man to watch as they raped his wife in turns.
According to the Standard report, the thugs forced the man to open wide his mouth as they urinated on him forcing him to drink the disgusting stuff.
“They forced me to swallow the urine and told my wife to start licking my manhood after which they hit me hard with a blunt object in my genitals and fled immediately,” the shaken man said.
The man said his family now fears to stay in the area and are now planning to leave as it will haunt them.
The area police commander Louis Ronoh said investigations have started in finding culprits behind the vicious act.
Cover photo: Pakistan Today

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