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Controversial preacher, Victor Kanyari, goes back into business (photo)

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– Controversial man of God, Prophet Kanyari has released  a music video decrying the KTN’s expose while gloating of his achievements despite the schemes of his ‘enemies ‘ 
– Kanyari recently showed off his KSh 30 million  Mercedes Benz as well as a spectacular mansion along Kangundo road
–  The controversial pastor has also resumed the operations of his church and is currently performing miracles as he used before he was exposed as a phoney 
It is barely a week after he showed off his KSh 30 million Mercedes Benz. A symbol or wealth and prominence.  Controversial man of God, Bishop Kanyari is now a subject of social  media jokes  after releasing a video to his song “Auuuui”.
The music video is a narration of his strife and tribulations that the KTN expose put him through. In the song, he thanks God for delivering him from possible damnation and raising him above his enemies.
Apparently, KTN was the enemy and God has placed a table before his enemies to watch as the controversial man of God partakes in the blessings.
Controversial preacher, Victor Kanyari, goes back into business (photo)
Prophet Kanyari’s expensive Mercedes S 350
Unfortunately, the video seems to have been pulled down from Youtube following the negative comments by users.
He recently went back to church full-swing and has been sharing videos of his sermons on social media- most notably,  last Sunday, he purported to be performing miracles to his congregation. Miracles to drive out poverty and witchcraft.
See video:
In the video that was shared widely on social media, the pastor is seen, commanding his female congregants to assemble at the church’s pew bearingShukas. 
Controversial preacher, Victor Kanyari, goes back into business (photo)
Some of the drapes that Kanyari prayed for and anointed with the promise that they’d drive away witchcraft sicknesses. Photo: Facebook: Prophet Kanyari
He prays and anoints the Shukas with the promise that the maladies, the witch craft and any other ills will go away as soon as they take the drapes home.
Prophet Kanyari, a man who purports to be a staunch man of God was exposed by Jicho Pevu towards the end of 2014. As a fake, twisted con-artist who was preying on the naivety of his followers for financial gain.
On the harrowing video expose laced with shocking confessions from part of his team, it was laid bare how  his church obtained money from  worshipers in the pretence that they would receive miracles.

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