Domestic violence? Woman offers 400k to kill her ex

Ramenya Gibendi Yesterday 23074
– A woman is alleged to have paid KSh 400,000 to have her ex husband killed by thugs
– It is not yet clear why but police swung into action and arrested the would-be killers
Muraya Mwangi, an employee of Kenya Airports Authority, can breath and sleep easy after two men that had been contracted to kill him were arrested.
Police in Buruburu arrested the suspects after he reported that his ex wife had paid them to take away his life.
Police arrested Muraya’s ex wife, her sister and the two men who had the KSh 400,000 and six mobile phones believed to have been used in plotting the murder.
Apparently the money was just part of the all amount to be paid once Muraya was murdered and police said they are holding the four pending more investigations.
They will be arraigned in court to face charges of plotting to commit murder.
The motive of the plot to murder Muraya has not yet been established but cases of extreme domestic violence are on the rise in the country.


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