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– A row between father and son has spilled on social media with the son exposing his father who he alleges is trying to infect 3,000 teenage girls with HIV
A son has exposed his father on Facebook with allegations that his father has contracted the HIV virus and was looking to infect a minimum of 3,000 teenage girls before he kicked the bucket.
The post appearing on social media appeared to have been a retaliatory attack following a scuffle between father and son. The son, incensed by reasons not known took to social media and posted that his father was HIV positive  and was looking to infect young teenage girls before his death.
The number of girls he was looking to infect was quoted;  a mind -boggling 3,000 teenage girls were targetted. According to the post the HIV positive middle-aged man had already managed to infect 730 and was working towards hitting the 2270 target.

According to the information shared on social media, the old man, it was alleged, was using money to lure teenage girls to bed and infecting them with the virus.
The son advised ladies to be wary of the old man who was a sex pest looking to kill as many people as possible. He juxtaposed his biological father to a series of death related references; morgue, hearse, grave and more.
“When you look at him, see a corpse, a morgue, a hearse or a grave. Let’s all gang up and prevent lee from committing a femicide,” Raymond Njiru wrote on social media
See a snippet of the update on Facebook:
Fight between father an son spill out to social media
Son exposes his father on social media, alleges that his father is trying to infect 3,000 teenage girls with the virus
The fight between father and son seems to have started years ago. In March, 2016 Raymond posted on social media that his father and sister had been to church praying for his death. Prior to this post, he had accused his father of fleecing the public.


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