Kajiado man walks out dowry talks after crazy demands

Julia Majale 3 hours ago 6311
-Kajiado man walked out of dowry negotiations claiming the bride’s family was extorting him
-The elders asked John Kasee to pay Ksh 10,000 to facilitate the dowry negotiations amid other unnecessary requirements
– The bride’s family claimed their only daughter was well educated and went to some of the best schools in the country.
There was drama in Rongai, Kajiado after a young man walked out of dowry negotiations saying the family was robbing him.
John Kasee whose girlfriend is three months pregnant had visited the girl’s family to negotiate dowry in a bid to formalize his union after cohabiting with her for over a year.
However, what started as a beautiful ceremony soon turned chaotic.
“I wanted things the old-fashioned way. I didn’t want to ‘live in sin’, especially now that my girlfriend is three months pregnant. I wanted to pay dowry and officially settle down, but her people seem to have had plans to extort me,” said Kasee
The elders demands for the dowry proved too much for Kasee and his delegation to accept. Some of these demands include;
  • KShs 10,000 fee to facilitate the negotiations
  • Lengthy list of unreasonable demands
  • Claims that the daughter was well educated therefore requiring a cash price
Kasee was overwhelmed by emotions asking the bride’s family to be reasonable considering he does not have a well-paying job.
He was shocked by claims that their daughter was well educated saying he had also been educated by his parents.
When he couldn’t take it anymore, Kasee walked out causing the dramatic collapse of the negotiations.
Reports indicate his girlfriend followed him days later and they are back to living together.
Whether the two families will reconcile and finally formalize the union is yet to be known.
This incident among others only proves why most couples prefer to co-habit rather than go through with the whole tradition of dowry, wedding then marriage.
Relationships are known to fail and weddings halted over outrageous dowry demands


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