Kakamega men swap wives over infidelity

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– Two men from Kakamega agreed to swap wives after infidelity discovery
– Patrick Mangala and Ernest Anjeche signed this agreement after the realisation that Mangala was having an affair with Anjeche’s wife
-The strange arrangement has turned sour three months after the swap 
Two men from Lurambi, Kakamega have shocked residents after signing an agreement to swap their wives following cheating allegations.
26 -year-old Patrick Mangala and 44 -year-old Ernest Anjeche arrived to this decision after Mangala was discovered to be seeing Anjenche’s wife.
The two men agreed to exchange the wives together with the kids and take care of them till they become of age.
This agreement has however turned sour just three months after the swap.
Kakamega men swap wives over infidelity
Couple involved in the wife swap Susan Juma (left) and Patrick Mangala (right)
Mangala, a boda boda rider, now has disregarded the agreement and wants his 21- year-old wife Susan back saying he still regards her as his wife.
“Anjeche is enjoying living with my wife and that is why I dishonored the agreement, I love Juma and she is always welcome to my home,” said Mangala as quoted by The Standard.
Meanwhile Susan appears very comfortable at her new home with her husband and isn’t considering going back to Mangala.
According to her, Anjenche is taking good care of her, her children and isn’t unfaithful or violent.
Anjenche, who works as a night guard, wants his former, wife 22- year-old Dorine, to continue staying with Mangala since they started it all.
 “He thought my wife was very beautiful and even had an affair with her secretly, a situation that forced me to take over his wife,” said Anjenche as quoted by The Standard.
Susan has threatened to leave with her kids following several alleged threats from her former husband.
The area chief Nicholus Odhiambo has called for the arrest of the two men saying the deal was signed in his absence.
Residents in the village are still in shock with family members scared the situation could take a turn for the worse for the parties involved.


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